Using Harp


I've switched frameworks a few times with this website recently.

For a long time it was an Express app, not too different from the one the cli tool generates. Not bad, but it got old and less fun to maintain.

Then I tried out Metalsmith. It's simple and quick to set up. My gripe with is if I want to use a streaming build system with added functionality via plugins, I would just use Gulp. Unlike Metalsmith, Gulp has good documentation and is more versatile. And I'm familiar with it from using it on some projects. But then that seems like overkill for such a simple website.

Yesterday I decided to revist Harp. I had my whole site rewritten and working in less than an hour. It requires zero application biolerplate. I just wrote my site in Jade, Markdown and Stylus, ran harp server and was done with it. It also supports EJS, LESS, Sass, and Coffeescript out of the box. Mix and match how you want, and it will take care of serving static content.